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"" is an Internet "domain name" or "webname". You can see that there are two parts to it, the domain name ("google") and the extension, or domain type - which is ".com". Here is our list of domain types for you to choose from (we have a guide to help you choose here):


Price per year

.CO.UK£9.77check availabilty
.ME.UK£9.77check availabilty
.ORG.UK£9.77check availabilty
.UK£8.78check availabilty
.BIZ£11.70check availabilty
.COM£11.70check availabilty
.INFO£12.73check availabilty
.NET£12.41check availabilty
.ORG£12.47check availabilty

These fees are the only charges we make. There are no "hidden" costs for DNS administration or domain transfer. Email forwarding and web forwarding (if required) are included in the price.

The new Dot UK web name

In June of this year a new option has become available - dot UK (•uk). This means that as well as an Internet name such as "", or "", or "", you can now choose the simpler "". There is one proviso however: For the next five years anyone who already owns any other flavour of UK domain has the sole right of registration for the new dot UK domain. For example, if "" has been registered by Widgets Ltd, then only Widgets Ltd can order "". As with the other types of UK name, you need to check if the web name is available before ordering it, and our availaibility checker will see if anyone has a prior claim on your preferred dot UK domain.

What is a domain name?

When you buy a UK web name you get to own the rights to your own piece of real estate on the Internet. If you look at the top of your browser right now you will see:

This an example of a web address (or "URL"). The first part of the address (in this case "http://www.") is not a part of the web name. Instead this part of the address says something about how the domain is hosted. It is the next part of the address (up to the forward slash character) that is the domain name - in this case "". We own that of course, and because we own our web name we can use it for our email address as well as for creating a web site.

Now you too can own your own piece of Internet real estate to publish web pages and to use as your email address!

Once you have bought your UK webname you can start putting it to good use straight away. To get you off to a quick start we offer a free email forwarding and web forwarding service. At a later date you will probably want to subscribe to a web hosting service that will give you the right platform for your web site.

Hurry, hurry!

Internet webnames are being snapped up fast and so you will need to check that the web name you want is not already taken. On this site you will find a simple, easy way to do this using our uk web name lookup utility. Once you have hit upon something you like you can buy your uk webnames online by credit card using the secure payment gateway provided by our Internet bank WorldPay.

Choosing the right name...

Buying your web name is your first step to success on the Internet. "Well begun is half done" - so it's important to make a wise choice! To help you choose the web name that is right for you we offer some straightforward tips and guidance.

On going support & advice

We have been involved with the Internet since it all started and we are sure we can provide you with sound guidance as to how to move ahead with your Internet project. We can offer help and advice on all manner of Internet issues such as hosting, web design, software tools and search engine marketing.

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